Welcome to Tulare County Office Of Education - Employee Portal

The Employee Portal provides an employee the option to view absence and payroll information on-line from any location by using a username and password.

Absence Information is only available if the school district uses the Tulare County Office Of Education Absence System and will reflect the latest information updated by Human Resources.

Electronic Payroll Stubs and Form W-2s can be accessed and printed as far back as Calendar Year 2001 at the option of the employee. Access to payroll stubs and Form W-2s, however, are only available to those employees electing to receive electronic statements as opposed to printed copies. You can choose to receive electronic statements during initial registration or later through the Account/Profile tab in the portal. You also have the option to change back to receive printed copies at any time.

Adobe Reader is required to view W-2 & Pay/APD stubs. Click here to download Adobe Reader